Better Humanhood, July 19, 2019

Happy Friday!

Another week has come and gone. Time keeps on ticking into the future, as Mr. Miller once said.

First things first: Bone broth can help with your weight loss program, from fasting to keto. It’s paleo-friendly. It can help with your workout recovery, and even help some injuries heal faster. You can take 10% off your order — packages included — by visiting our friends at Kettle & Fire and using the code BetterHumanhood at checkout.

And now onto our regularly scheduled programming

Creativity is a highly sought-after attribute in today’s world, from want ads to art. But creative people don’t just pull ideas from nowhere, right? Where do ideas come from?

Josh and Kelvin discuss on JKWD.
Listen and subscribe here

“Comparison is the thief of joy,” President Theodore Roosevelt once said. But is it always? We explore at
Read more here.

And over at the Better Humanhood podcast, we discuss when comparison is helpful in our lives.
Listen and subscribe here.

One more thing: If you want to wake up five days a week to a reminder of how awesome you are, subscribe to Vitamin K Daily and get 4 weeks free.

Be well. Forward this to your friends, and let us know how you’re making a better world!

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